Being a Bit More Red

Alongside Mel Sherwood at the 2019 Professional Speaking Association Convention.

This is Mel Sherwood. She’s an international keynote speaker, author and presentation pitch specialist.

And she’s awesome.

A couple of weeks ago, she came and delivered a stunning keynote at our regional PSA meeting in Yorkshire. Under her vibrant, self-made brand, she dared us all to ‘Be More Red’. In other words, be more daring, a bit more committed and a bit more passionate.

At the time, I was awaiting an interview for a promotion. Mel gave me a specific invitation: to deliberately show more of the ‘Red’ attributes in my pursuits and to report back in two weeks.

I carefully considered how I might apply Mel’s advice. I eventually determined that I would be more bold and daring, speaking to people that had experience in the role I had applied for and heeding their suggestions.

Over the succeeding days, thanks to both Mel’s advice and a conscious commitment to applying it, I had some incredibly productive discussions with a number of colleagues that provided advice, information and resources that I would not have had otherwise. Upon being interviewed at the start of the following week, I accepted the promotion that was offered.

Always talk to people. They know things you don’t and can support you, but you have to speak out and ask for help when you need it. Everything positive that has occurred in the experiences I have described took place because I talked to people – and Mel dared me to do so.

This is me reporting back – I don’t think it went too badly, Mel! Thank you for inspiring me to act.

If you need an engaging speaker for your next conference that’s going to inspire change and dare you to be a bit bolder, you need Mel. Here’s to being more Red!

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