Simon captivated my entire attention straight away. He made everything relatable and human, which put me at ease, inspired me and gave me hope that someday I shall have the confidence to speak as he does.

“It was engaging and interactive without pressure or any feeling of being “put on the spot.” He was warm, friendly and real. I loved how authentic everything he had to say was and how much I’ve been able to take away and ponder. I could listen to him for hours – so insightful. I very much look forward to his future webinars!

Jade Loker, Aspiring NLP Practitioner

“The session modelled expertly how to speak confidently to a large audience but the golden nuggets really came in the hints and tips given about how language choices can positively impact upon the behaviour of young people. It was invaluable training for the teaching cohort.

– Anne-Marie Garnett, Partnership Director, The Gorse Academies Trust

“Simon provided such helpful feedback in preparation for my TED talk. I’m not a public speaker. In fact, it’s something that completely terrified me, which is partly why I put myself up for it! His feedback was so motivating and has such a positive energy to it, it gave me much needed confidence in my content and also my abilities. He is warm, intelligent and clearly hugely experienced and knowledgeable in his field. The tips and strategies he has shared have been invaluable and I can not thank him enough.”

Justine Gaubert, speaker at TedX Doncaster 2019

“The presentation was really well received, I had lots of great feedback afterwards. Simon provided supportive feedback in a safe environment; this allowed me to build my confidence in presenting and public speaking. The support was outstanding, helping me prepare and practice for the big day. I had a fear of presenting to large groups, but with Simon’s support I am much more confident. My next goal is to speak at a large conference at the end of the month. Thanks for all of the support, it really helps my confidence.”

Debbie, Director of Strategic Innovation and Global Supply Chain Logistics

“Simon has helped many apprehensive speakers begin and improve their public speaking through his work with Leeds City Toastmasters (including myself!). With a genuinely warm, encouraging and positive approach, Simon is a skilled mentor who keeps an excellent balance between celebrating attendees’ success and giving them specific suggestions to improve their performance.”

– Rachel Kaye, Committee Secretary of a Leeds-based non-for-profit organisation

“Simon is perceptive, reads people well, has a natural gift for communicating and is adept at helping others maximise their potential. His understanding of the craft of speaking is profound.”

– Peter, Teacher from Leeds

“Simon has been such a support in my journey to becoming a confident and comfortable public speaker. His encouragement and wisdom has been invaluable; I’ve not only learnt from watching him, but also from his very insightful feedback. If you’re thinking about mentoring with Simon, I’d highly advise you to go for it!”

– Cheryl Woodman, Scientist and Founder of Honesty For Your Skin