Overcoming fear is like throwing a switch – a dimmer switch…

People talk about them all the time: lightbulb moments, flashes of inspiration, those times where you have no choice but to (metaphorically) shout, 'Eureka!' (I've never heard anyone shout this for real, it'd probably be a bit weird if you did). I don't doubt that they happen. I'm pleased for people that say they've had … Continue reading Overcoming fear is like throwing a switch – a dimmer switch…

Leadership is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Some experiences with running have taught me an awful lot about leadership, humility and communication. Running is one of those things you either love or despise. You've either got a drawer filled with gear of the most garish colours, or you might be the sort of person to think twice about committing to a swift … Continue reading Leadership is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Step by Step: A Profound Lesson in Patience

I stood, transfixed, on the corner of a market square in Peschiera, a small town nestled on the shore of Lake Garda in northern Italy. Even though I was a teenager long before the meteoric rise of social media, YouTube and Fortnite, my favourite video games of Crash Bandicoot, the early Fifa games and that … Continue reading Step by Step: A Profound Lesson in Patience

Being a Bit More Red

Alongside Mel Sherwood at the 2019 Professional Speaking Association Convention. This is Mel Sherwood. She's an international keynote speaker, author and presentation pitch specialist. And she's awesome. A couple of weeks ago, she came and delivered a stunning keynote at our regional PSA meeting in Yorkshire. Under her vibrant, self-made brand, she dared us all … Continue reading Being a Bit More Red

Don’t judge a book…

However, there is a frighteningly common trend amongst the world’s most successful people. They have character. They work hard. They suffer tremendous adversity and develop the resilience to learn its lessons. They don’t give up. They do not accept less than their best. They sacrifice for their dreams. They seek guidance from excellent mentors. They are dedicated. They study, practise and apply. They learn from both victories and defeats.