Making the Climb

Whatever field of life you're in and whatever point on the journey you find yourself on, the key is to keep climbing, however slow the progress seems.
If you are at the bottom of the rock face and looking up, find someone who will support your desire to climb. As you begin, do not allow the voices of those still at the bottom to persuade you to come back down. They can tell you nothing about a climb they've never made.

Don’t judge a book…

However, there is a frighteningly common trend amongst the world’s most successful people. They have character. They work hard. They suffer tremendous adversity and develop the resilience to learn its lessons. They don’t give up. They do not accept less than their best. They sacrifice for their dreams. They seek guidance from excellent mentors. They are dedicated. They study, practise and apply. They learn from both victories and defeats.

Goals: Driving you forward, not up the wall

What I’ve come to realise is that achieving goals in life works much the same way as driving. Here, I hope to provide a parallel between the driving experience and goal-setting that might help us avoid some of the common frustrations we experience whilst working towards challenging goals.