Goals: Driving you forward, not up the wall

What I’ve come to realise is that achieving goals in life works much the same way as driving. Here, I hope to provide a parallel between the driving experience and goal-setting that might help us avoid some of the common frustrations we experience whilst working towards challenging goals.

Develop Your Public Speaking: A Few Thoughts on Fear

I’m developing a keynote speech and agonised for a long time as to what topic I would address. In recent days, however, as I have been privileged to share and receive insights from a range of teams and individuals on public speaking, one topic has become prominent: fear.

The Four Cornerstones of Feedback – Part 1/4

Feedback helps to shape who we are. Sincerely delivered, specific and supportive feedback can help us identify previously unseen areas for development, expose us to new ideas and empower us to strive towards our potential, creating strong relationships in the process. Conversely, feedback that is insincere, ill-constructed or overly critical can demotivate and disenfranchise individuals, even permanently damage - or altogether destroy - relationships.

A hand writes in a notebook with a silver pen.

The 10 ‘Ps’ of Public Speaking

Though every individual finds themselves in a unique position on this journey, I believe there are two main stages of development. One is the transition from fear and anxiety to confidence when standing and speaking to a group of people. The other is the cultivation of craft and technique for maximum impact. I hope here to provide a general foundation that will prove useful to anyone, regardless of where they are currently placed with their level of public speaking experience.