Keynote and Events Speaker

In 2012, I was unemployed – I had quit my job through fear of being asked to speak in front of other people.

Now, I am a UK and Ireland award-winning speaker. I’ve spoken to audiences right across the country, both in person and online, sharing my story and inspiring them to take control of their own.

I am on a journey of helping others overcome their anxieties, become more powerful communicators, elevate their own lives and inspire those around them.

My stage or online keynotes empower people to challenge their fears, communicate more meaningfully and increase their productivity.

Do you have an upcoming conference or online event that would benefit from an authentic, passionate, down-to-earth speaker that can inspire your audience?

Online Keynote (30-60 minutes, plus up to 15 mins Q&A if desired) – £750

Live stage keynotes are priced on an individual basis based on travel, accommodation, time on stage and time at the event.

Get in contact to discuss your requirements; I’d love to work with you.