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With online presenting now dominating the way we work, more people are suffering with communication anxiety than ever before.

Three quarters of us suffer with some form of communication anxiety. From being part of that statistic and experiencing those crippling limitations, I now coach people to overcome their fear so they can communicate more powerfully to improve their confidence, productivity and outcomes.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • identify possible triggers of your speaking fears and how to confront them;
  • communicate more meaningfully and develop better relationships;
  • learn how to achieve the ideal setup and most effective communication strategies in online presenting;
  • deliver with greater confidence to win more business and progress your career

The world is noisier and shifting more quickly than we’ve ever seen before – powerful communication, the courage to speak up, is a great way to stand out. Will you?

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Three quarters of us struggle with some form of communication-induced anxiety. Much of this anxiety can be overcome by learning and applying the tools of powerful presenting.

I’ve supported clients with keynotes, business presentations, pitches, job interviews and video production. Coupling my literary expertise in creative and speech-writing with award-winning speaking experience, here I deliver ten simple yet profound principles to support people in their journey to delivering compelling presentations.

Developing your communication skills will improve your confidence and your ability to win more pitches, secure more business, inspire more audiences, galvanise your team, strengthen your relationships and develop your own career prospects.

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Three quarters of us struggle with some form of anxiety around public speaking; this can be further exacerbated by the vulnerability required to share personal stories.

What takes the greatest courage often yields the greatest rewards. Whilst exposing our vulnerability, stories allow us to connect to our audiences, show our humanity and make our messages more impactful and memorable.

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