Individual Communications Coaching

This bespoke coaching identifies a client’s personal or professional goals and offers greater flexibility. Coaching sessions are on an appointment basis, using the blue icon on the calendar provided above.

I’ve supported clients with keynotes, business presentations, pitches, job interviews and video production. Coupling my literary expertise in creative and speech-writing with my award-winning speaking experience, I deliver personalised coaching to individuals to support them in these main areas:

  • SPEAKING WITH CONFIDENCE – It’s difficult to conquer a fear or anxiety if you can’t identify its source. By isolating the root causes of communication fear, utilising nerve-management techniques and cultivating the foundational skills of effective speaking, clients can build the courage needed to speak up with greater conviction.
  • MASTERING THE CRAFT OF EFFECTIVE SPEAKING – This is where the rubber meets the road. Here we practice more advanced vocal techniques, rhetoric and kinesics (communication through posture, facial expressions and body language), combining them with the theory to craft and deliver powerful presentations.

Contact me to discuss your requirements; I look forward to working with you.